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December 7, 2012
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Heroines of Olympus by juliajm15 Heroines of Olympus by juliajm15
I posted this drawings on tumblr some days ago, so I decided to post them here too :)
Just a copuple of portraits, and my first finish pic of Reyna xD
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Reyna, Hazel, Piper, Annabeth (c) Rick Riordan

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Well first off let me just say that I adore your artwork and its simply amazing in everyway but there is a few things that you should try to critique I guess.
Reyna looks amazing and I admire the way you drew her but compared to the other three she seems a little dull just standing there. Maybe put a knife in her hand or one of er two dogs next to her, something to spice it up you know?
Pipers drawing is good as well but again just tweek it a little here and there like add a few little feathers through out her hair maybe a reflection in her dagger to.
Hazel is awesome, love her pose and the sparkles but put a few jewels at her feet or something along that line to symbolize her powers.
And then you haveAnnabeth who is just so cool theres nothing that needs to be done to her.
So just a few tweeks here and there thats all. I feel like I shouldnt even try critiquing this its so much beter tan anything I could have done. Sorry if this anoys you! <:)
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This is truly beautiful though i don't exactly know about Annabeth's left arm (one holding knife) it seems somewhat at an odd angle but i still like this. Piper in this picture is interesting, i'm not a big fan of her, but in this drawing i definitely like this picture of her, though her arms look a little weird the, angle at least, but it seems you caught most of her characteristics from the books. Hazel is great but she is thirteen i believe and in this picture she seems tall and developed enough to be at the very least 15 or 14, she looks 15 but other than that she is greatly drawn! Reyna's is perfect in my opinion. Their all beautiful.
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This is absolutely beautiful. I still admire you a lot more than other deviants!
LariRose Jan 26, 2014  Student General Artist
The pick of Reyna is best!
But the Others Are still awesome!
Thelatestbuzz255 Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Love the image of Reyna 
This picture is really cool! Reyna and HAzel look awesome. Piper and Annabeth shoulda been thinner.
Great job. Annabeth and Reyna are my favorite characters. :)
I love that you included Reyna with the other girls. It's cool that you recognize her as an important female character.
Bazinga-Lover7984 Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Omigosh. I love this, I must admit that anything that has to do with Percy Jackson is kinda my weakness and this is perfect!! It's great/
Eu imagino a spatha de Hazel maior. Fora isso, amei ;)
Hazel and Reyna are my favortie in this pictures
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